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Previously, one of my Maths students, Timmy Lennon from Navan, Co. Meath found my Leaving Certificate Higher Level book extremely useful in preparation for his Maths exam. He went on to ace a highly coveted “A1” grade (Now a “H1”) in Maths. This put him in the top 5.2% of students in the country for his year. Timmy is now studying to be an Actuary at Dublin City University (DCU) having attained 520 points in his Leaving Certificate. See below for a picture of Timmy and I celebrating his success.


Another of my talented Maths students, Jack Byrne from Trim, Co. Meath extensively used my Solutions Book in preparation for his Leaving Certificate Higher Level Maths exam. He went on to score an impressive 585 points in his Leaving Certificate. Jack was one of two students in Co. Meath to win a scholarship to Trinity College Dublin, where he is now studying General Science. Last Summer, Jack achieved a brilliant 85% (first class honours) in his end of year college Maths Exams. Another star sent on the road to success! See below for pictures of Jack and I.

maths resources - Jack Melia 1edit maths resources - Jack Melia 2edit2


Below is a sample of some more comments and recommendations on my books so far:

I would recommend these Exam Paper Solutions for many reasons:

* Clear precise steps shown in all solutions
* Excellent explanations given in solutions
* Solutions are very detailed compared to State Exam solutions
* Ideal for revision before Christmas, Pre-Exams and Junior/Leaving Cert
* Solutions provided in similar format to an Exam paper

Mr. John Scannell (Secondary LC Higher Maths Teacher of thirty years/Author of LC Maths Revision Books)

For the last two years, I have been using Joe McCormack’s solution books while studying for the Leaving Cert. I found the solutions to be extremely helpful as they were laid out in a clear and well structured way. If I was having any difficulty with an exam question, I could open Joe’s book to help me fully understand the question. I could also see the correct method to use that the marking scheme and examiners would be looking for. I ended up with a H3 in Maths. I would definitely recommend the book for anyone doing the Leaving Cert in the future

Keane Geraghty (6th Year Higher Level Student)

As a student, I loved maths but as a parent I’d been hearing so much about this dreaded new “Project Maths” that when my daughter started secondary school I thought my long forgotten knowledge would be of no use to her. Then I found Joe’s solution book.  It’s a simple idea (always the best) – provide the answers to the questions – but for me it was everything I needed to help my daughter i.e. step by step solutions to all the past papers. Using this book along with a blank set of papers ,we are taking it topic by topic to figure out where she’s struggling and then working through each question until she feels confident. The solutions are so detailed that I find it very easy to follow and explain. I would highly recommend this book to all students and parents.

Gillian Kiely (Parent of 2nd Year Higher Level Student)

I always liked Maths as a subject, but when they introduced ‘Project Maths’, I found it very challenging. I was determined to keep doing HL. A friend of mine then recommended Joe McCormack’s Project Maths Solution Book to me. Joe’s approach in his book got me the grade (H3) I needed and his support and encouragement over the past year was excellent. I am now looking forward to studying Law and French in UCC. For anyone hoping to do HL maths I can’t recommend Joe’s book enough with its straight forward approach to solutions. Thanks again Joe and the very best of luck to all those doing the LC next year. All the hard work does pay off!

Ciara Reavey (6th Year Higher Level Student)

Throughout my final year in school I found myself flicking through many pages in my maths book looking for notes, proofs and formulas. When I got Joe’s Maths solutions book, I could finally relax knowing that if I needed to look up a solution, it was easy to find in his book. Joe’s book is clear and easy to read and I don’t think I’ve had a book similar which was so organised and included highly detailed solutions. Overall, the key notes in the book helped me a lot with my Leaving Cert Maths course.

Charlie May (6th Year Higher Level Student)

Joe’s exam paper solution books are worth getting for your children. My son did Ordinary level maths and his friend did higher. Both kids found the books a huge help as they are written clear and concise. From a parent’s view I found Joe’s Facebook page extremely useful. He answers your questions promptly and is very helpful. I learned more about exams, college applications etc from Joe’s page than anywhere else. If every teacher took as much interest in their students as Joe does maths would not be an issue.

Denise McDermott Craig (Parent of 6th Year Ordinary Level Student)

I found the written explanations beside the solutions to be really useful, as they helped me understand fully how to do the question. The procedure in which the answer was done was really simple and made it a lot easier to understand and i was soon able to do the exam questions myself without any help. It also made doing a timed practice exam a lot quicker as I could flick between solutions when correcting.

Emer Brady (3rd Year Higher Level Student)

I purchased the Project Maths Solution Book for my son who is currently preparing for his leaving certificate this June. He is constantly referring back to it and it has become a very important tool for him in all aspects of maths. I recently met with his maths teacher who said the book has played an important role in his progression. I’m delighted and such good value also. I think all students would benefit from this book.

Maeve Johnson (Parent of 6th Year Ordinary Level Student)

 Joe McCormack’s ‘Project Maths: Exam Paper Solutions'(Ord. Level) has been a real find!! Joe has included sample maths questions from right across the Maths Curriculum and his answers are written in a clear and logical way. At a very stressful and pressurised time in my life (Leaving Cert.!!), Joe’s book has been a real support for me. As the Project Maths curriculum is so new, there are very few resources upon which the present day Leaving Cert students can draw. Therefore, this book is worth its weight in gold!! Thank you Joe!

Suan Ní Mhurchú (6th Year Ordinary Level Student)

My son thought it was a good book and found it very useful for studying. He will continue to make use of it until his exams.

John Gallagher (Parent of 6th Year Higher Level Student)

Joe’s Project Maths exam paper solutions are very useful and informative.

Aidan Power (Product owner at Pilz Ireland)

A friend of mine recommended Joe McCormack’s Project Maths Book to me. Joe is a mathematical wizard and has many years of teaching experience in this field. Joe’s Project Maths book solutions are thorough informative and very good value. I think all students would benefit from this book. Joe has included sample maths questions from right across the Maths Curriculum and his answers are written in a clear and logical way. As the Project Maths curriculum is so new, there are very few resources upon which the present day Leaving Cert students can draw. Joe’s book helped me stay focused on the goal of solving and presenting solutions, in a logical step by step format. I gained the confidence, skills and inside knowledge on how to best solve and layout answers in an exam environment. This book is worth its weight in gold and I always had it beside me whilst I studied. I am now looking forward to studying Dental Science in Trinity College Dublin. For anyone hoping to do HL maths I can’t recommend Joe’s book enough with its straight forward approach to mathematics.
Thank you Joe!

Daniel Hopkins (6th Year Higher Level Student)

As the mother of two boys sitting the Leaving and Junior Cert in June, I so wish I had discovered Joe’s Project Maths Solution Books prior to this (May). Both solution books arrived last week and they are already the number one tool for Maths revision with both boys. They have commented on them that “they give a clear visual representation of what needs to be done for each question and have helped immensely with revision”. Thanks also Joe for all the helpful information you post on your Facebook page

Grainne Heeran McNabola (Parent of a Junior and Leaving Cert Student)

My son was averaging 37% in honours maths, I read about Joe’s book on FB & decided to try it. I am pleased to say he got a C today in his junior cert. He was thrilled & said the book was a great help to him. It helped understand by explaining it in a simpler way, thanks Joe.

Bernadette Dunne (Parent of a Junior Cert Student)

I thought the Project Maths Solution book was very useful as it helped me get the best result I could hope for in the Junior Cert. I used it for examples of how to solve Maths problems from past exam papers. If I couldn’t get an answer to a question, I would look up how to do it from the book. The solutions showed how to do the questions really clearly. With the book, many times I read and went “Ah that’s how its done”. I used it as tool to help me prepare for the exam and also as homework revision. Overall it was a great book for my Junior cert in helping me achieve my “A” grade in Higher Level.

Sean Stanley (3rd Year Higher Level Student)

I highly recommend Joe McCormack’s Project Maths Exam Paper Solution Books for both Junior and Senior Leaving Cert as the solutions are very clear and easy to follow with notes included beside each step for the student and also a student can practice exam questions knowing they have the best possible solution to verify their work. They are also very affordable.

Ms. Eileen Murphy (Teacher, Assistive Technology Specialist,Tutor at Hibernia college and Online Course Developer)

I found Joe’s solution book so easy to check answers and it made studying Maths so much easier. I practiced papers and checked where I was going wrong, or right in some cases. I would highly recommend for all Leaving Cert students, Tks Joe for all your help

Jack Condra (6th Yr Ordinary Level Student)

My daughter found the book very useful, she is only in second year but both she and I feel that it has given her a lot of help in preparing for her state exam next year. The illustrations are excellent and the examples and solutions very easy to understand. I would highly recommend this book.

Veronica Edwards (Parent of 2nd Year Higher Level Student)

I just completed my leaving cert. Having missed some school in fifth year due to illness I had quite a bit of catching up to do. Joe’s exam paper solution book was extremely helpful; it is laid out in a simple way and was a great resource when trying to see where I had gone wrong in a question. His solutions are very clear and detailed and more importantly easy to follow, especially for tricky questions where the text book didn’t really provide a good guideline. I was delighted to have the book and improved greatly during 6th year achieving an O2 (Over 80%) overall.

Shane Curran (6th Year Ordinary Level Student)

My daughter bought your book recently, doing her LC in June this year…finds it very helpful – well laid out solutions and hints make it clear for students who would not be inclined to put their hands up in class to ask for explanations for fear of appearing silly. Your book is invaluable in that it sets out line by line how and why you are getting to the solution so she can go over it at her leisure.
Hi Joe, Aisling was delighted with her Math’s result – and actually very surprised….we credit your book with getting her across the line of a subject she used to be so scared of. Up to Christmas, it was like a very complicated foreign language for her – thank you !

Ann Mullen Barry (Parent of 6th Year Ordinary Level Student)

When you’re stuck on a maths question over the weekend, rather than having to wait for the teacher to explain it, you can see how it’s done in Joe’s book. The book was really helpful. It helped me not to panic – sometimes I’d see a question and think “oh my God” but then when you read the explanation and the solution it makes you realise it’s actually easier than you think. I love how neat it was too! It really helped me in the run up to the exams in particular when I had all the information, but just wasn’t sure how it apply it to the questions. I was delighted to get an A in Maths.

Fionnghuala Drumgoole (3rd Year Higher Level Student)

Joe is a mathematical wizard and has many years of teaching experience in this field. Joe’s Project Maths exam paper solutions are thorough and informative.

Allan Patterson (Director of Consumer Operations at APAC)

Joe’s solution book came in extremely useful towards the end of 6th year, when much of our focus was on exam papers. The step by step guides using basic vocabulary made it easier to understand the often complex asked questions. We were also able to see how much marks were awarded for each question part and how to break down each question. We found these solution books invaluable as there became less and less time available to look through textbooks for answers.

Laoise, Niamh and Cliodhna Moore (6th Year Higher/Ordinary Level Triplets)

To all my my friends whose kiddos are stressing over their Leaving Certificate Maths. Check out Joe McCormack who has put together a solutions book for all the past papers. Joe is a Navan resident & kindly delivered the book this evening. Worth every penny. First time I’ve seen my son smile at a maths book 🙂

Lisa Williamson (Parent of 6th Year Ordinary Level Student)

 The exam answer books were a very valuable tool for my daughter when she was revising for her Junior Cert, as she was able to test herself on the exam papers and then refer to the answers when she was finished. I would highly recommend them.

Ailsa Sexton (Parent of 3rd Year Higher Level Student)

  I purchased Exam Paper Solutions Higher level for my son and he found them extremely helpful and beneficial. Well worth getting.

Ruth Crehan (Parent of 6th Year Higher Level Student)

 I bought Joe’s Project Maths Book for my son late last year who was sitting Junior Cert higher level Maths. As a teacher, I found the book really helpful and my son had the book out every time he was studying Maths. He succeeded in getting an ‘A’ in his exams and was delighted. As a result I will be ordering two books this year; one for my second boy who will be sitting his Junior Cert and one for Leaving Cert—both higher level. I would thoroughly recommend these Maths Solution books.

Ms. Paula Buckley (Teacher and Parent of 3rd/6th Year Higher Level Student)

 Thanks Joe. I received the books this morning. Very prompt service.. The girls seem very pleased with the contents. Thanks 🙂

Sheila Ni Mathuna (Parent of 3rd/6th Year Higher Level Student)

Joe, My daughter, Maria is delighted with your book. It has taken the stress out of this subject. You have given the solutions in an easy to follow method. Her confidence is being greatly helped when she gets the maths correct. I wish i had this book for my other kids. Thank you again.

Brid Rushe (Parent of 3rd Year Higher Level Student)

Hi Joe, I just want to say a big thank you for coming up with these great solution books in Maths. My son Neil found it a great help in his leaving cert and he did really well in his exam. He had accepted he wouldn’t do so well until I got your book and he was amazed how much it helped him. Now my next lad is doing his leaving cert so we got your Ordinary level Maths solutions book and once again he has found it invaluable.

Joanna Reilly (Parent of 6th Year Ordinary Level Students)

Joe, Your book of solutions and notes were a huge help! Having the solutions was a great help in seeing how questions should be answered. Thanks very much!

Nathan McAloon (6th Yr Higher Level Student)

One of my students said to me yesterday that he purchased your Junior Cert Solutions book (using his own money too might I add !! ) and his brother has hogged it as they both find it V helpful … so nice to see two kids fighting over a Maths book … what a compliment Joe !

Ms. Jo Gannon (Dyslexia Tutor)

I bought Joe McCormack’s project maths solutions book at the start of 6th year. I personally found it to be a great help to me while I studied, and it was the next best thing to a tuition class. I found it to be the most helpful when tackling difficult exam questions, as the answers were laid out well and explained step by step. I would definitely recommend this book to all Junior & Leaving Cert students.

Caitriona ni Nuaillain (6th Year Higher Level Student)

I bought Joe’s Project Maths book for my son who was struggling with Junior Certificate honours maths. He was getting grinds and his tutor began using this book instead of the school text book as it explained the maths problems in easy to follow steps and was completely jargon free. My son came out of the Maths exams happy. I am delighted that I bought this book for him, it really was a godsend.

Susan Moran (Parent of 3rd Year Higher Level student)

Dear Joe,
Thank you very much for your book. It was a great help to my son who has been struggling with Maths during the course of his Third year. He didn’t consider in a million years that he could get a “B” in Maths and he did it! With the step by step solutions to the questions from your book, he is now aiming for an “A” in his Leaving Cert Exam…now that is motivation…
Your book helped my son gain confidence in Maths and I highly recommend it.
Thanks again.

Lisa Akeme (Parent of 3rd Year Higher Level student)

I would highly recommend these books. I bought the leaving cert book for my daughter last year and she found it very helpful.

Maura Byrne (Parent of 6th Year Ordinary Level Student)

Looking forward to your new maths book. The last one was very useful for my daughter. It simplified each question really well. Thanks Joe and keep up the good work. I’d highly recommend your work. 

Annette Moran (Parent of 3rd Year Higher Level Student)

In this day and age when young people are finding it very hard to find their way in life, it is a great comfort to know that there are such people as Joe McCormack who can actually come up with solutions to ease some of the problems young people meet along the way. I would readily recommend Joe’s Project Maths Solutions for every teacher out there and their pupils…..

Ms. Niamh Murray (Classical Singer, Primary School Teacher and Vocal Performance Tutor at Maynooth University)

Thanks Joe, My son received your book today. I left him to look over it when I went out and he said he “couldn’t put it down” and that it was “really helpful”.

Frances Moss (Parent of 3rd Year Higher Level Student)


Hi Joe, Thank you for posting the Maths book today. I’ve never seen somebodies face light up when they were given a book but my daughters did exactly that when she opened it this evening. As she said herself you “saved her life” and probably my sanity :-). I hope your kindness is returned to you a hundred fold as you more than deserve it. Thanks a lot, Karen.

Karen McGivern (Parent of 6th Year Ordinary Level Student)


My son Jordan passed his higher maths with the help of Joe’s Project Maths Book. Thanks so much Joe as he got a H5 with the extra twenty five bonus points.

Sabrina Masterson Blake (Parent of 6th Year Higher Level Student)


Hi Joe, This is brilliant. I’m ordering a copy for my son in Leaving Cert Higher Level for next year. Thank you; you’re a genius!

Lorraine Shortt (Parent of 6th Year Higher Level Student)


That Maths book helped my daughter greatly.. it got her a much better result and we couldn’t be happier! Well worth buying!

Clarissa Dowdall (Parent of 6th Year Ordinary Level Student)


I bought this for my daughter who is doing Junior Cert Higher Level in 2017 & I highly recommend it. It’s brilliant. Thank you Joe.

Sinead Cooney (Parent of 3rd Year Higher Level Student)


I’ve been meaning to write a review since I was first introduced to Joe McCormack’s Solution books for Leaving Cert Project Maths last year. From studying higher level maths myself and having two children who ALWAYS scored 10s in state standardised tests, Maths became less easy in the lead up to and following their Junior Cert exams. Both go to different schools and have fantastic teachers but whatever reason Project Maths became a big deal. A long course, no choice of questions, large classes etc didn’t help. These solution books don’t just give answers to previous years’ exam questions but also sets out very detailed step by step solutions also. They explain why you are doing something and useful footnotes also remind learners not to miss a step and the different terminology used etc. I would be of the opinion that these books should be included as Department of Education notes so that students can see the layout and standard expected. The notes are helpful and concise and I would recommend starting with them in 2nd or 5th year so that students have them as a study aid and not just as a last minute help.

Carol T Gavin (Parent of 6th Year Higher and Ordinary Level Students)


Hi Joe, Thanks so much, the book has helped my daughter with her Higher Level LC Maths. She has put in huge effort and has moved from 23% in October exams to 83% this Christmas. She uses the book and continually does exam papers every night. Thanks for your help!

Margaret O’Brien (Parent of 6th Year Higher Level Student)


Joe Mc Cormack, an experienced Math Teacher, offers students clear and concise Math solutions in his Math Exam Books for Leaving Cert Students. As we all have experienced, preparing for exams is a time consuming exercise which can often lead to confusion and frustration. To help students stay focused on the goal of solving and presenting solutions, Joe has successfully managed to clearly lay out his Maths solutions in a logical step by step format. As a result, Students will gain confidence and inside knowledge on how to best solve and layout their answers in an exam environment. These books are valuable assets to any Leaving Cert Student or Maths Teacher, whose aim is to enable their student to do their best using Exam practice as a top tool!

Eimear O’Neill (Instructional Designer at ADP)

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